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We’ll find the best nanny for your family

A Nanny is a key asset to the busy Bay Area or Silicon Valley family.

Our nannies provide a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that allows your child to grow and work with:

  • Babies

  • Toddlers

  • Preteens

No nanny position looks exactly the same, but here are some things our top-notch nannies are ready to help out with: 

  • Get children ready in the morning and take them to school

  • Take children to extracurricular activities

  • Provide meals to children while actively on duty

  • Help children with homework

  • Assist children with bathing and maintaining healthy hygienic habits

  • Organize and maintain children’s bedrooms, closets and toys

  • Do children’s laundry and maintain their wardrobe

  • Potentially provide light housekeeping services, grocery shopping, etc.

One of the great things about the nanny relationship is that it is completely customizable. You can really make this relationship work for you, your child, and your needs. We seek to ensure a seamless fit and one that will only enhance the day to day of your home.


Our Process

1 In-Home Consultation +

During our initial in home meeting, I encourage you to share your family’s needs & expectations! We’ll reflect on what’s most important to you; parenting philosophies, language preference, personality, schedule requirements & level of education.

2 Matchmaking +

We take the uncertainty out of the process by pre-screening candidates. We verify their resumes, work history, and references! Golden Gate Nannies takes the time to learn about the candidate’s personal lives, personalities, philosophies, and what drives them in their career! This ensures candidates will share similar values to you & your family.

3 Initial Interview +

Golden Gate Nannies will coordinate a in-home personal interview with candidates at your discretion! Your time is important so we take care of the coordinating details. This entails setting up interviews, phone calls & working trials.

4 Working Interview +

When you meet a candidate who is compatible with your family you then invite them back for a working trial. A working trial is a good time set expectations with your potential employee. This is a great time and to observe how they interact with your family!

5 It’s a match - Deep background check +

We Trustline certified all new hires. A Trustline background check includes the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System; the Child Abuse Central Index of California; and fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System. The results can take four weeks to process.

6 Celebrate! +

The agreement will outline expectations, holidays, paid time off, weekly schedule, overnights, etc. This ensures a smooth and successful working relationship between you and your new employee! Once everything is official, take a deep breath and enjoy the sense of peace knowing your child is in good hands!

In order to ensure your family’s safety, we proudly offer an extensive background check package, including the following:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Report

  • Trustline Registration

  • Department of Motor Vehicles Report

  • Social Security Verification

  • National Sex Offender Check

  • National Wants and Warrants Check